Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recommending "Child 44" to Wonderlanders

Child 44 is an extremely rare book. It is a thriller that is not entirely believable or convincing. Regardless, it gave me not a single dull moment in all of its 448 pages. The book set stage in Soviet Union, but I thought about Wonderland all the time while reading the book. I find striking similarity between the lives of Soviets in Child 44 and Wonderlanders:
  1. The unthinkable is the daily reality
  2. Twisted logic and absurdity are the norm
The cruelty and suffering told in Child 44 is hard to match. Yet, while one can easily understand (in fact, sympathize with) the behaviors of the Soviets in Child 44, it is nearly impossible to comprehend the Wonderlanders who
  1. prefer lies from 聯合中時 and TVBS to truth; prefer Pravda to New York Times.
  2. voted for a president Ma who had a long public record of inability, lying as a way of life, unethical conducts, depositing public funds into personal accounts, and is effectively an American.

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