Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The incomprehensible Wonderlanders

Here is a snapshot of 2008-09-03: 中央日報網路報 社評 that attacks 830 rally. It starts with this picture

Then, it says:


There are three things notable that I list from the least surprising to the most.
  1. KMT lies and distorts facts as it does every moment of the day.
  2. The presence of the picture completely contradicts the written words. Why does 中央日報 include the picture?
  3. KMT's complete lack of human decency does not bother the Wanderlanders. Many ask why Wonderlanders don't get angry. TVBS continues to be one of the most popular TV channels and 聯合報、中國時報 continue to be widely read. It is speculated that, in spite of the amazing 830 anti-Ma rally, Ma would still be elected if the election were repeated on 2008-08-31, the day following.

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