Saturday, September 6, 2008

A brainwashing propaganda disguised as news

中華聯合數位映像(NOWnews): 馬總統愛心認購月餅促銷並分送全國166所原住民學校(2008/09/05 22:42) 馬總統不只是買水果,幾天前他還買了四千兩百盒月餅分送給弱勢團體。"拚了!馬訂購8400盒月餅,分送弱勢。"



Since this is labeled: 記者王宗銘/台北報導, it presented itself as a news report. But if it were really a news report, it should not have had a title like '馬總統愛心...'. It might be true that Ma bought 四千兩百盒月餅分送給弱勢團體, but 記者王宗銘 could never know that this was out of 愛心. Knowing Ma, it was more likely a show with no sincerity and is done completely at the tax payers' expenses. 愛心 in the title immediately disqualify the writeup as news.

This NOWnews news report serves to explain why Wonderlanders cannot easily tell the differences between news and opinions. This in turn explains why our Wonderland has a long way to go to become civilized.

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