Friday, September 5, 2008

Why gamblers vote for KMT

自由電子報: 相信馬上好 股民慘賠走絕路

The above news was about a gambler 何景宗 who voted for Ma. He voted for Ma not for any right reasons when people should vote for a president:
  • ability
  • high morality
  • vision
  • the future of the country
No. He voted for Ma simply for a belief that Ma would bring a stock market boom and help him make some quick buck in stock trading.

In short, he was not choosing a president, he was speculating on a short term cash gain. Worse, his speculation was not based on Ma's track records which showed Ma to be non-credible and unelectable. The voter behaved like a banker who would loan money to a person with the worst credit rating simply because the person said : "I will pay you back with handsome interest".

Added to gamblers like 何景宗, there were many who gambled on the outcome of the election. Regardless of what a gambler was gambling on, the number of voting gamblers in Wonderland was sizable and they voted not based on the merits of the candidates, but on greed. KMT and the so-called news media systemetically painted a picture that Ma would win big. They manufactured polls like this: 聯合:56%選馬18%投謝 蘋果:36%投馬19%選謝. This had the simple effect of turning greed-driven gambling voters to campaign for Ma so they could cash in some easy money.

While my sympathy goes to 何景宗 for his wasteful death, I think of millions of innocent Wonderlanders who suffer so because of gamblers like him.

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