Saturday, January 31, 2009

People know their rights
NOT obligations

I write frequently about Ma Yean-Jeou's American permanent resident status and Diane Lee's American citizenship. Here is a summary of the salient points:
  • All legal documents show that Ma is still an American resident and Lee an American citizen. Taiwan judicial system wants the citizens to forget about such things; it goes all out to protect Ma and Lee. It took judicial system 300 days to start a very gentle action against Diane Lee. Her case is expected to drag on for years while judicial system's persecution of Chen Shui-Bian proceeds with lightening speed.
  • Ma and Lee claimed repeatedly that they have lost their American permanent resident status and citizenship. Since this matter is subject to American law, I wonder why Ma or Lee has authority to make any credible assertions.
  • Many also take the opportunity to give citizens a lesson about obligation: citizens and permanent residents not only have rights, they also have obligations. It is easy to imagine giving up rights, but obviously it should not be easy to give up obligations. Otherwise, anyone owing a lot of tax can just give up citizenship to avoid paying tax, or to avoid serving in the military.
This last point is what I want to talk about here. Taiwanese behave like they have no obligations to their country. They only care about their rights to NT$3,600 shopping vouchers and to 18% interest rate on their retirement accounts. They also have the rights to vote for KMT legislators and Ma for president, but they have no obligation for the mess they created. Do they have obligations at all? Isn't protecting their own country citizens' most basic obligation? Or, do they think protecting them is Americans' or Japanese obligation? If they have obligation to protect Taiwan, then
  • why are they silent when China aims thousands of missiles at their parents and children?
  • why are they silent when China humiliate them given any opportunity, isolate them internationally, and lies about Taiwan being part of China, day-in-and-day-out?
  • why are they silent when Ma signed secret, unfair treaties with China?
  • why are they silent when they are about to lose their country?
If these obligations do not belong to Taiwanese, then to whom do they belong?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Say no to KMT, brainwashing, and double standards

  1. I have written frequently to ask Taiwanese not to say unification (統一), but to say what it really is intended : cession (併吞). For example, Taiwanese should never say 統一 and 說併吞,不說統一. The latter is short so I reproduce it here:
    Taiwanese should stop using the term 統一; we should call it what it is intended to be: 併吞. When we start 說併吞,不說統一, we tell the world that there has never been any equitable, amiable talk of union with China. Instead we are fighting for our lives not to be conquered and destroyed like Tibet. Domestically, the term 統一 helps to brainwash our people, as if it were something to look forward to.
  2. Taiwanese must use the same standards to judge KMT and DPP
    • If you say you could not vote for DPP because DPP is corrupt, then how could you vote for KMT which is one of the worst in humanity when it comes to corruption? If you could not vote for a thief, how can you vote for Hitler?
    • If Chen Shui-Bian broke your heart and makes you unable to vote for DDP, then how come 馬英九, 郝龍斌, 李慶安, 邱毅, 王清峰, 宋楚瑜, 王建煊, and all other KMT people did not break your heart and make you unable to vote for KMT? [Incidentally, I raised this questions many times: Can anyone give me a list of just three KMT people who are ethical? I have yet to get a response.]
    • You have heard tons about the need for people to 切割 Chen Shui-Bian. Have you heard about people doing any 切割 with Ma Yean-Jeou? Chen Shui-Bian may be a thief, but he has never killed anyone and he had never tried to turn Taiwan into Tibet like Ma. Ask yourselves why Taiwanese have only applied 切割 to DPP and not KMT.
  3. Get rid of KMT unless you want Taiwan to turn into Tibet
    • Recall any and all KMT legislators
    • Recall Ma Yean-Jeou
    • Never vote KMT and actively urge your friends and family to never vote for KMT in any election.

  4. Stop lamenting. Start working on saving Taiwan! As an example, an article such as the following is not useful or even harmful, unless it makes you stronger.
    【觀察筆記】思 痛
    自由時報╱自由時報 2009-01-23 06:00












Wednesday, January 14, 2009

蔡丁貴教授靜坐90天 馬英九叛國案167 天

I chatted with a friend in Tainan just now over Skype. I quizzed him over how many days 蔡丁貴教授 had sat at LFY. The answer was this:
I don't know... 40 days, maybe? ... Sorry, who is 蔡丁貴? ...
I was going to quiz him about 馬英九叛國案, but I changed my mind.
My blogs display the following boxes as a public service. I believe the facts displayed are more important than the news about 消費券 and 陳水扁.

KMT has not allowed people proper referendum rights since it began its existence on 1925-08-25.

蔡丁貴教授 等 2008年10月25日立法院開始靜坐 to request a real referendum law., 距今

李慶安2008年3月12日遭踢爆雙重國籍, 距今

貓纜2008年10月1日Stonewall investigation , 距今

柯建銘2008年8月9日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

戴正德2008年8月25日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

陳水扁2008年8月25日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First gauge of voter reaction to Ma's regime

I hope to get some sense of Taiwanese' reaction to Ma's selling out of Taiwan
  • on 2009-03-14, when 苗栗縣補選立委 to fill a seat vacated by the disgraced KMT legislator 李乙廷. 國民黨本周可望提名李乙廷太太陳巒英角逐.
  • on 2009-03-28, when 大安區補選立委 to fill the seat vacated by the disgraced KMT legislator 李慶安.
These two seats are considered sure win for KMT. Idealists may think that Taiwanese will vote KMT out because they do not want Taiwan to be ceded to China, which KMT elites have been actively pushing. I believe we need to connect to those who voted for Ma and KMT to make them understand what KMT is doing - selling out Taiwan, but cleverly covering their tracks. When you do a google news search on Taiwan, you get no sense KMT is selling out Taiwan. To wit, this is a search on 2009-01-11:

聯合新聞網 - 53分鐘前
大陸一向是「癮君子」天堂,公共場所隨處可見吸菸者;在一些內陸農村,正式飯局餐桌上一定備菸,主人也向客人敬菸以示禮數周到,「天價香菸」更是宴客時的必備品。 但禁菸是國際趨勢,上海為迎接世博會,已在全市餐廳推動禁菸。去年底先推出一百家無菸餐廳,這些餐飲單位 ...
禁菸新制首日網咖族違規多 中時電子報
全台大稽查董氏找柯建銘當戒菸代表願考慮戒菸 NOWnews
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中時電子報 - 1小時前
前外交部長黃志芳面對監察院本周即將召開的巴紐案彈劾審查會,滿腹委屈,昨日接受本報專訪表示,邱義仁在推動巴紐案上是「經常表達關切、詢問」,而非如邱所言不管後續撥款等事。他甚至透露,就是因為邱對金紀玖的「有信心」,才會延誤了採取法律行動和追討鉅款時機。 ...
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報知遇之恩? 黃志芳:也曾擋掉邱義仁交辦機密案 NOWnews
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〔記者李欣芳/台北報導〕立法院院會今將表決博弈條款,民進黨主席蔡英文昨表示,博弈條款沒有配套,社會共識也不足,馬政府要以立法院的優勢強渡關山,民進黨別無選擇,只能以反對表達不同意見,她已要求民進黨立院黨團投下反對票。 據了解,部分反對開放博弈的社會團體 ...
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〔記者楊國棠、陳燦坤、黃淑莉、蔡文正、劉曉欣、洪素卿/綜合報導〕寒流來襲,嘉義、雲林、彰化沿海文蛤、虱目魚養殖業寒害嚴重,粗估約五成魚塭受影響,每處魚塭約有二、三成虱目魚凍死,至少五萬尾以上虱目魚遭凍斃。 嘉義十一日清晨創下五.一度低溫,嘉縣沿海三萬 ...
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聯合新聞網 - 1小時前
國 民黨立委李慶安請辭後,大安區立委補選選情,出現「百家爭鳴」的熱烈戰況,不只國民黨議員躍躍欲試,新黨則不排除提名人選角逐;綠營選區議員也表態不願缺 席,連台北101前董座陳敏薰也被推薦代表民進黨參選,真是未演先轟動。 大安選區向來是藍軍的鐵票區,以去年立委選 ...
柯建銘:希望陳敏薰選新竹市長 自由時報

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家中若發生火災,該往哪裡逃生?台中市消防局十一日舉辦居家消防安全宣導活動,邀請上千名小朋友畫出家中房間配置圖,藉此指導小朋友正確的逃生路線,確保居家安全。 消防局表示,家庭逃生計畫是居家最重要的防火教育,重點在於家中是否有「兩個不同方向的出口」,也要 ...
台中防火宣導搶答攤位擠滿人 聯合新聞網
中市/教導民眾逃生原則消防局辦安全宣導活動 NOWnews
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中時電子報 - 1小時前
今年失業率惡化有多嚴重?據悉,行政部門已作了失業率飆升至6%以上最壞打算,行政院積極備戰,將力守今年失業率4.5%目標,如此一來,政院將從短期就業、公共建設擴大內需、減少營造與產業外勞等三管道下手,創造15萬個就業機會。 劉揆日前指示,今年失業率以不能升 ...
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政院擬限縮外勞預估今年本勞增加3.3萬工作機會 NOWnews
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NOWnews - 4小時前
再傳凍死人悲劇!南投國姓一戶人家因為家境貧窮,連張床舖都沒有,一家5就睡在地板上,37歲的湯姓男子擔心孩子受凍,自己睡在靠近門邊,身上只蓋著一條涼被,晚上冷風從門縫中不斷灌入,11日上午妻子要叫他起床時,竟然發現先生全身冰冷僵硬,已經死亡。 ...
氣溫急降台好爸爸打地鋪凍死 新報
37歲慈父睡破門邊薄被不禦寒凍死 自由時報
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NOWnews - 5小時前
當時財政部長林全:陳水扁施壓,給陳敏薰大華證董座。 開發金董座爭奪案陳敏薰輸給辜仲瑩,傳出來前總統陳水扁親自幫陳敏薰喬人事,當時的財政部長林全10日證實,扁先是請開發金董事長陳木在施壓,後來親自打電話給林全,希望給陳敏薰一個位子。 ...
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前財長驚爆!二次金改扁關說喬陳敏薰人事! 壹蘋果網絡
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yam天空新聞 - 57分鐘前
因台電供電系統跳電,台灣高鐵桃園站外轉轍器訊號十一日早上十一點左右突然異常,板橋、新竹區間隨後將近兩小時僅能單線雙向通行,至少十九班次、逾萬旅次受延誤,延誤時間最多達五十七分鐘。由於誤點責任不在高鐵,旅客無法求償只能自認倒楣。 這是高鐵營運以來,首次因 ...
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〔記者曾佳俊/台北報導〕知名機車總經銷董事長的長子迎娶,昨天號召168輛重型機車作前導、16輛高級跑車當禮車,組成總值近兩億元的豪華車隊,浩浩蕩蕩的在台北縣土城市區穿梭,轟隆隆的引擎聲引人注目,宛如戶外車展,不少民眾拍照留念,也為這對新人留下難忘又風光的 ...
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中時電子報 - 2009年1月10日
特偵組調查扁家洗錢案,發現吳淑珍長年囑咐胞兄吳景茂夫婦、元大金總經理馬維建、前兆豐金董事長鄭深池等人,購買海外債券、或債券附買回交易(RP)方式,將資金匯往海外,假藉海外理財投資名義,實際上從事掩飾扁家洗錢行為。 辦案人員近來陸續傳喚馬維建、鄭深池等 ...
扁密帳/扁珍真嚇人要胞兄絕命、親信魂飛魄散? NOWnews
珍一句話逼杜麗萍自殺? 特偵組:不便說明 yam天空新聞
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NOWnews - 2009年1月9日
前總統陳水扁昨天(9日)被北所無預警查房,雖然所方表示,只是例行的安全檢查,但有名嘴爆料,可能是所方接獲情資,擔心陳水扁有機會夾帶手機進入北所,因此才會突擊檢查,看看陳水扁到底有沒有偷藏違禁品。 陳水扁的委任律師石宜琳9日指出,北所秘書帶著政風處人員趁 ...
名嘴爆北所為查手機搜扁房 自由時報
北所查房扁:趁我不在探密 聯合新聞網
中國評論 - 壹蘋果網絡 - 臺灣新浪網 - 中央廣播電台
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自由時報 - 31分鐘前
〔記者李欣芳/台北報導〕馬政府施政引發在野勢力強烈不滿與憂心,民進黨主席蔡英文昨聯合台聯黨主席黃昆輝提出批判,蔡英文說,馬英九總統執政只有二百三十五天,卻迅速摧毀國民對國家前景的信心,取而代之的是瀰漫焦慮和無力感,她質疑這個政府和它的領導人,在與中國 ...
社運再起?台聯、民進黨攜手籌備民間國是會議 壹蘋果網絡
籌備民間國是會議蔡英文:盼成為社運的開端 臺灣新浪網
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中時電子報 - 1小時前
景氣不好加上寒流來襲,桃園縣議會、婦聯會與希望種籽行善協會、汽車貨運公會將九百斤白米、二手衣物等物資,全數捐給縣內的弱勢團體,讓他們可以溫飽,同時感受到社會的善心與暖意。 已是第三年舉行二手衣回春送暖活動的希望種籽行善協會,今年募得衣物和玩具有上千件, ...
二手衣愛心米寒冬更顯珍貴 聯合新聞網
桃縣曾忠義代表議會贈白米給6慈善教養機構 NOWnews
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自由時報 - 11小時前
〔中央社〕高雄市壽山動物園擬從中國引進兩隻白老虎,引起動物保護團體不滿,市長陳菊今天說,她尊重議會的努力,將依華盛頓公約找出大家都能接受的方案,審慎評估。 動保團體認為,壽山動物園面積8公頃,僅配有3名獸醫,展示收容動物約104種594隻。 ...
白老虎展示台灣變野生動物地獄 新臺灣新聞周刊
管理員虐虎六福村否認? 聯合新聞網
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NOWnews - 2009年1月10日
桃園縣發生一起虐童事件!才11個月大的女嬰疑似因為哭鬧,被舅媽用縫衣針往左大腿猛刺,結果造成女嬰的大腿內側留著2根長達4公分的縫衣針在裡面,一個多月後,女嬰因不明原因發燒送醫後才被發現。雖然兩家人為顧及親戚情面,表示不再追究,但檢方還是依家暴傷害案件提起 ...
舅媽虐女嬰雙針刺入大腿 自由時報
女嬰大腿長硬塊舅媽扎的縫衣針 中時電子報
台視新聞 - 蘋果動新聞 - 臺灣新浪網 - 世界日報
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yam天空新聞 - 22小時前
〔記者甘育瑋、游明金、林相美、吳正庭/綜合報導〕消費券領取通知單與委託書已陸續發到各住戶,沒收到的民眾可向戶籍所在地鄉鎮市公所與村里幹事洽詢;消費券18日第一階段領取,若委託他人領取,就算是夫妻也要寫委託書。 台北市民政局長黃呂錦茹昨天發送消費券通知單及 ...
注意信箱消費券通知單來囉 聯合新聞網
嘉縣/462處消費券發放所通知單15日前送達各家戶 NOWnews
中央廣播電台 - 香港新浪網 - 自由時報 - 中時電子報
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扁收押/看老子先過兒子這一關? 傳陳致中掌控會扁名額
NOWnews - 2009年1月8日
6 歲之前都是由阿嬤扁媽一手拉把大的前第一家庭公子陳致中,長大了竟然成為扁家的一家之主?今(9)天出刊的周刊報導,前總統陳水扁再度被羈押之後,因為沒 有禁見規定,人在北所的陳前總統,現在要見誰都有致中在外一手主導。不過,扁辦秘書江志銘上午則是澄清,因為會見名額 ...
陳致中入主?扁辦:周刊亂掰 yam天空新聞
陳致中入主扁辦?扁辦:與事實不符 eTaiwan News
自由時報 - 壹蘋果網絡 - 中國評論 - NOWnews
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聯合新聞網 - 2009年1月10日
繼前天在五分埔商圈血拚後,馬英九總統昨天又到大理商圈花六千五百八十元購物,買的東西更多樣化,連游泳的泳褲、泳帽和蛙鏡都買了。平時鮮少購物的馬總統說:「我忍耐很久了。」 馬總統一共逛了三家商店,在第一家服裝店買了外套、夾克和背心,前來扮演「地主」的國民黨 ...
天氣冷颼颼馬總統買泳褲刺激消費女記者起哄試穿 NOWnews
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

金門縣長李炷烽: 推動金門成為「一國兩制試驗區」

Out of 7,659,014 who voted for 馬英九 and KMT, there are indeed people who want to see Taiwan ceded to China, and Taiwanese lose basic human rights including elections, freedom of speech and freedom from fear. Examples are 馬英九 and 李炷烽.

But it is beyond my comprehension that
  • Taiwanese truly have no appreciation for human rights for themselves and their offspring
  • The massive human suffering in China, Tibet, Hong Kong and Macao is not enough to convince Taiwanese to stay away from China
  • Taiwanese want to see the likes of TVBS, UDN and Chinatimes to continue to brainwash and dumb down their children
Let us try to connect to these (7,659,014 - 2) people and understand what they plan for their children.

香港新浪網 - 2009年1月2日
駐軍逐年減少,金門駐軍最多逾10萬人,如今不到5000人,以往依靠阿兵哥的經濟支柱不再,金、馬則欲藉兩岸「戰地」的歷史吸引陸客觀光,活絡當地經濟。 除了金、馬「香港化」的免稅島構想外,金門縣長李炷烽也曾在2007年提出借鏡港澳發展,推動金門成為「一國兩制試驗區」 ...

人民网 - 2008年12月30日
4,积极促进台湾同胞对“和平统一,一国两制”的认同,是实现祖国和平统一的重要思想基础.台湾金门县长李柱炐提出“建立金门一国两制试验区”是很好的建议.加拿大促统会去年在 ...
<告台湾同胞书>发表30年:厦金-从前线到和平之门 中国网
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Friday, January 9, 2009

What has Taiwan done to China to deserve such never-ending attacks?

新華網 - Beijing,China
因被指擁有美國國籍而引發爭議的臺灣“立委”李慶安8日下午舉行記者會,宣布辭去“立委”職務。 據臺灣TVBS電視臺報道,李慶安因被指擁有美國國籍的爭議持續延燒,擴大的爭議成為民進黨攻擊的焦點,除了今天有聯署罷免活動,綠營更發動群眾,打算明天包圍"立法院”李慶安下午 ...

Taiwanese living absurdly

According to the Constitution, Tibet is our territory, so Tibetans are our citizens. On the other hand, the following news says that Ma's government does not treat Tibetans as citizens. This is yet another evidence that Ma's government violates constitution at will, while insisting citizens to abide by the laws.

滯台圖博人 取得外僑證

〔記 者陳文正/桃園報導〕一百零八名滯台圖博人昨天獲得一年期的外僑臨時登記證,未來一年不必再被警察追著跑,但在台西藏人福利協會理事長蔣卡說,雖然可居留 但仍無法合法工作,因此上百人仍會繼續在桃園縣龜山工業區廠房待一陣子。他希望入出國及移民法趕快在立法院完成修正,讓他們能取得合法居留、工作證。