Thursday, February 25, 2010

2008-03-22: 7,659,014 Taiwanese voted Ma president
2009-01-09: 47% 台東 voters voted for 鄺麗貞
2010-02-27: what will Taiwanese voters do?

On 2008-03-22, 7,659,014 Taiwanese voted Ma for president against Hsieh's 5,444,949 votes. Ma is impotent, completely immoral, and most absurdly, does not recognize Taiwan as a country!

On 2009-01-09: 47% 台東 voters voted for Ma's comrade 鄺麗貞. This proved that a significant number of Taiwanese still support Ma and his Chinese KMT, however absurd this might seem.

What will Taiwanese do on 2010-02-27? Will they vote for Chinese KMT to help destroy their offspring, or will they VOTE Chinese KMT (中國國民黨) OUT to give their children a chance to live?