Sunday, September 21, 2008

Recommending "Child 44" to Wonderlanders

Child 44 is an extremely rare book. It is a thriller that is not entirely believable or convincing. Regardless, it gave me not a single dull moment in all of its 448 pages. The book set stage in Soviet Union, but I thought about Wonderland all the time while reading the book. I find striking similarity between the lives of Soviets in Child 44 and Wonderlanders:
  1. The unthinkable is the daily reality
  2. Twisted logic and absurdity are the norm
The cruelty and suffering told in Child 44 is hard to match. Yet, while one can easily understand (in fact, sympathize with) the behaviors of the Soviets in Child 44, it is nearly impossible to comprehend the Wonderlanders who
  1. prefer lies from 聯合中時 and TVBS to truth; prefer Pravda to New York Times.
  2. voted for a president Ma who had a long public record of inability, lying as a way of life, unethical conducts, depositing public funds into personal accounts, and is effectively an American.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We celebrate our Hitler's birthday

[Received in an email message. Found later that it is from 鯨魚網站 by Spieler]

殺人魔王希特勒Adolf Hitler生於1889年4月20日,於1945年4月30日舉槍自盡於元首的防空洞內,死後幾桶汽油,一把番仔火,就結束他罪惡的一生。Hitler 殺的人很多,光是猶太人就六百萬人,殺人殺多到,連史達林在Katyn殺的幾萬波蘭軍官以及精英,也要賴在希特勒頭上。


然而遠在亞洲的台灣,雖然也不會在4月20日那天放假紀念希特勒,但是才上任一百多天的九劉政權,卻要在蔣介石的生日10月31日紀念放假,這種行徑跟舊 KMT有什麼兩樣?人家德國人不敢的,九劉政權就有guts,敢放?羞辱台灣人到這種地步!蔣介石不是二二八的元兇嗎?難道他有史達林的機會,可以將這個罪責賴給他人?還是九劉政權中有能言善道的,可以改變這歷史的事實?繼續吹捧蔣介石是「民族救星」?

Monday, September 8, 2008

IEEE changed our country name to “Taiwan, Province of China”

Here is an excerpt of a correspondence:

目前IEEE許多期刊使用的IEEE ScholarOne Manuscript Centra系統對台灣有國名誤用的情事。經了解,作者經該系統投稿時,該系統會要求作者須填上住址,其中有一欄為country code,該欄位是一個選單,台灣僅有一選項,為 “Taiwan, Province of China”。該系統之前使用的是”Taiwan, Republic of China”,我不知為何會被改為此一名稱,但我認為此事極為嚴重。因為這可能會嚴重影響國內會員投稿的意願,而且如果我們放任此一系統要求國內作者鍵入此一”國”名,那麼未來IEEE的期刊如果也改成此一”國”名,那我們還怎麼回應?所以我已經立即寫了一封信給IEEE總會主席表示嚴重關切,請見如下。

China believes that "A lie told a thousand times becomes truth", just as it believes that Japanese invasion into China was bad, but genocide in Tibet is good.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mickey Mouse 拼經濟

中央廣播電台: 促銷柚子劉兆玄認購1600箱帶頭拼經濟

救景氣! 馬不只自己買禮盒還邀政府機關加入拚經濟
NOWnews - 2008年9月4日
馬總統一大早就到果菜市場,幫忙攤販促銷中秋節水果禮盒,因為擔心經濟不景氣民眾不消費,馬總統自己就帶頭做起。總統不只自己買、總統府買,他甚至還要其他政府機關一起加入刺激買氣的行列。 馬英九表示,希望能由有消費能力的政府機關、公司行號,一起來幫助提振我們 ...


My daughter loves shopping. I will persuade her to run for President in 2012.

Breaking news: enemy loves our president

中國評論 快評:李登輝發飆 馬英九踩痛了他?

中評社快評/李登輝怒氣沖沖地說,三個多月來,馬政府快速向中國大陸傾斜,為了包機直航、觀光客來台,進而承認“九二共識”。眼前馬政府在政治、經濟的措 施都朝向“終極統一”的目標前進,不在乎選舉期間的承諾。李登輝宣稱,“台灣是主權獨立的國家”。李登輝又鼓吹兩岸關係是“國與國的關係,至少是特殊國與 國的關係”。 

李登輝發飆是事出有因的,因爲馬英九踩痛了他。日前馬英九聲稱兩岸是非國與國關係,這是公開糾正李登輝長期鼓吹的“國與國的關係,至少是特殊 國與國的關係”的觀點。李登輝當然會不滿了。但是,李登輝的“兩國論”害死台灣,使得兩岸失去了長期賴以生存的互信基礎,導致台灣長期籠罩在惡劣的氣氛當 中,遺害極大,今天再不糾正,兩岸關係無法改善,台灣難於獲利。

中國評論: 社評:大陸全力支持馬英九執政拼經濟

中評社香港9月8日電(評論員 鍾維平)在台灣經濟不斷向下盤旋,民生日愈受到衝擊,經濟影響政治,馬英九政府聲望節節後退的最麻煩時刻,大陸出手了。經過一段時間的研究,大陸推出了有利台灣經濟發展的新政策。

A great distinction Wonderlanders have earned for themselves is that they elected in 2008 a president who is so well loved by their enemy (one that aims thousands of missiles at them).

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A brainwashing propaganda disguised as news

中華聯合數位映像(NOWnews): 馬總統愛心認購月餅促銷並分送全國166所原住民學校(2008/09/05 22:42) 馬總統不只是買水果,幾天前他還買了四千兩百盒月餅分送給弱勢團體。"拚了!馬訂購8400盒月餅,分送弱勢。"



Since this is labeled: 記者王宗銘/台北報導, it presented itself as a news report. But if it were really a news report, it should not have had a title like '馬總統愛心...'. It might be true that Ma bought 四千兩百盒月餅分送給弱勢團體, but 記者王宗銘 could never know that this was out of 愛心. Knowing Ma, it was more likely a show with no sincerity and is done completely at the tax payers' expenses. 愛心 in the title immediately disqualify the writeup as news.

This NOWnews news report serves to explain why Wonderlanders cannot easily tell the differences between news and opinions. This in turn explains why our Wonderland has a long way to go to become civilized.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Why gamblers vote for KMT

自由電子報: 相信馬上好 股民慘賠走絕路

The above news was about a gambler 何景宗 who voted for Ma. He voted for Ma not for any right reasons when people should vote for a president:
  • ability
  • high morality
  • vision
  • the future of the country
No. He voted for Ma simply for a belief that Ma would bring a stock market boom and help him make some quick buck in stock trading.

In short, he was not choosing a president, he was speculating on a short term cash gain. Worse, his speculation was not based on Ma's track records which showed Ma to be non-credible and unelectable. The voter behaved like a banker who would loan money to a person with the worst credit rating simply because the person said : "I will pay you back with handsome interest".

Added to gamblers like 何景宗, there were many who gambled on the outcome of the election. Regardless of what a gambler was gambling on, the number of voting gamblers in Wonderland was sizable and they voted not based on the merits of the candidates, but on greed. KMT and the so-called news media systemetically painted a picture that Ma would win big. They manufactured polls like this: 聯合:56%選馬18%投謝 蘋果:36%投馬19%選謝. This had the simple effect of turning greed-driven gambling voters to campaign for Ma so they could cash in some easy money.

While my sympathy goes to 何景宗 for his wasteful death, I think of millions of innocent Wonderlanders who suffer so because of gamblers like him.

Wanderlanders sound off: get out, you 馬英九!

自 由電子報: 馬英九在接受墨西哥太陽報專訪時,大言不慚地抹殺台灣的國家主權地位。 他說:兩岸的關係應該不是兩個中國,雙方是一種特別的關係,但不是國與國的關係。此話再度印證, 馬總統所說的不獨是真的,不統是假的。

Wanderlanders: 馬英九 you do not belong here!

China listen up: Wanderlanders are no Chinese!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The incomprehensible Wonderlanders

Here is a snapshot of 2008-09-03: 中央日報網路報 社評 that attacks 830 rally. It starts with this picture

Then, it says:


There are three things notable that I list from the least surprising to the most.
  1. KMT lies and distorts facts as it does every moment of the day.
  2. The presence of the picture completely contradicts the written words. Why does 中央日報 include the picture?
  3. KMT's complete lack of human decency does not bother the Wanderlanders. Many ask why Wonderlanders don't get angry. TVBS continues to be one of the most popular TV channels and 聯合報、中國時報 continue to be widely read. It is speculated that, in spite of the amazing 830 anti-Ma rally, Ma would still be elected if the election were repeated on 2008-08-31, the day following.

Monday, September 1, 2008

How KMT sees 830: 名不正 言不順 動員能量受影響

First, 830 pictures:


[綠正妹.jpg] 200808300010M

Next, KMT media and pundit reports.

中央日報: 中評網1日社評:台灣綠營人士強力發動的830大遊行落幕,主辦單位台灣社宣稱有30萬人,台灣警方估計約有5萬人參與。這固然是綠營在馬英九520上任 後最盛大的一次實力展現,比起2006年紅衫軍反貪腐百萬人上街的盛況,則有如天壤之別。關鍵在於,當一項活動辦得名不正,言不順,動員能量自然會受到影響。

A pictorial comparison follows:

中央日報: 100萬紅衫軍警政署: 4萬3千人 (830)

So you think 中央日報 is a bad lying wolf? In contrast, according to 08-30 大話新聞, many KMT media chose not to report 830.

聯合報: 有關遊行人數,馬總統昨公開提及「將近五萬人」,與台灣社宣稱卅萬人有極大落差,引發綠營不滿。總統府發言人王郁琦解釋,遊行群眾數據由警政署提供,實際人數約四萬三千人,「這是警方的數據,不是總統府的數據」。

周福來 on 中華聯合數位映像: 台灣社主辦830「百日怒吼,全民站出來」大遊行落幕了,雖說是護主權,但主題不明顯,意在嗆馬,但力道也不夠,倒比較像是民進黨支持者的嘉年華會,熱鬧有餘而精彩不足。 民進黨主席蔡英文就任後首次參加大型群眾運動,她說「感覺還不錯」到底意指為何,是遊行散步感覺很好,還是大拜拜搖旗吶喊很爽,真的就不得而知。