Monday, March 30, 2009

In Taiwan we glorify Satans

Today Brock Freeman tweeted:
Brock Freemansoarhevn So tell me, after 228, White Terror, Ankeng, Kuo Kuan-ying "kill all Taiwanese", how IS the KMT different than the Nazis?
With this, you would expect KMT members be treated as war criminals and are being hunted down like the Nazis. Not only are they not, they are the privileged group, proudly display their party affiliations and win almost all elections. For many years now, I openly beg for a list of three moral KMT people, without getting as many as one single name. Why? Because KMT is evil, and there is no such thing as MORAL EVIL.

Morally, how is a KMT supporter different from a Satan worshiper? Please enlighten me by leaving a comment.