Thursday, November 27, 2008

26,000,000 Taiwanese ruled by 20 KMT elites

The absurdity in the Wonderland is completely out of proportion and beyond comprehension. In November 2008, Taiwanese totally lost control of their destiny. Ma seems to be the only person calling shots, others are at best puppets.

On the surface, the ruling party is KMT. But when a Chinese Communist Party officer comes in town early November,
  • He is treated like God, beyond logic, beyond belief and completely out of proportion
  • KMT went all out to make its flag invisible and illegal
The clueless Taiwanese elected Ma as president in March; they have no clue that CCP is now the real boss.

There are a handful of people that are beyond and above law. Examples are
  • Ma: even after he was indicted, he was treated like king in court. The prosecutors and judges all defended him.
  • Diane Lee: She cannot be touched. The government stonewalled any and all requests for investigation into her US citizenship just as it stonewalled any and all requests to investigate Ma's US permanent residence visa!
How many of such untouchables are there?

What happens when Taiwan is finally in the hands of CCP? Will these handful of untouchables be well treated for their services to China in handing over Taiwan? I strongly doubt it. But these people all are protected by umbrellas such as US citizenship, etc.

The more intriguing question is what will happen to the KMT underlings?
These are peole who are not in the inner circle. They are sort of like Nazi collaborators, carry out the dirty work, but are not decision makers. They are not pure blooded Chinese like Ma. Examples are Wang, Wu, Chiu. They are dispersible. They have not the slightest hope when Ma handed Taiwan over to China. Let us ask a silly question: what is going to happen to a KMT cadre in Nantou county?

True. Many of these people are also protected by some kind of umbrella. But is it worth it?

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