Sunday, August 31, 2008

李嗣涔: President of the best university proved illiterate and hypocritical

2008-08-30: 中華聯合數位映像: 前總統陳水扁及兒子陳致中都是畢業於台大法律系,對於兩人學法玩法,最後甚至涉及洗錢風暴,台大校長: 首度以台大大家長身分,針對校友陳水扁父子對社會造成的不良影響,對外界道歉,同時還強調會加強學生的品德教育,希望不要再教出這樣的學生。

台大校長李嗣涔 is illiterate. If he had common sense, he would have known that 陳水扁 at the time of his statement was a suspect, but has not yet been indicted, let alone convicted. On what ground could he justify throwing stones at a suspect before he is proven guilty? Isn't this what his law school teaches, that one is innocent before proven guilty?

台大校長李嗣涔 is hypocritical. He was compelled to criticize an innocent alum, but never felt any need to condemn convicted felons such as 邱毅, or a morally bankrupt man like 馬英九. If he cares about education, he should lecture the news media on the social injustice of labeling 陳水扁's case 'Money Laundering' before any evidence has been found that his bank deposits came from illegal dealings. By definition, 馬英九's case was closer to 'Money Laundering' as public records showed that he deposited public funds into personal accounts. Yet 馬英九's case was never labelled as such and 台大校長李嗣涔 never felt any need to protest the unfairness of the treatments.

Why is our Wonderland so sick? The answer is obvious.

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