Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Foul-mouthed 邱毅

Celebrities talking irresponsibly and uncivilly is commonplace in the Wonderland. Here are excerpts of the infamous 邱毅 in his recent attack on 陳致中 and 黃睿靚:
陳致中 黃睿靚夫妻 賊公賊婆! ... 一定心裡有鬼 ... 不要再藉由挑眉、轉動眼珠、故做優雅來逃避問題 ... 不簽授權書一定是做賊心虛。

陳致中黃睿靚拒簽授權書 邱毅:做賊心虛: 中時電子報


邱毅痛批,不管是吳淑珍堂哥吳景茂、堂嫂陳俊英、吳淑珍本人都不簽授權書,現在連主角黃睿靚跟陳志中也不簽,一定心裡有鬼,這樣叫什麼面對 司法,一定是做賊心虛。對於黃睿靚跟陳致中有很多質疑,希望黃睿靚跟陳致中要實問實答,不要再藉由挑眉、轉動眼珠、故做優雅來逃避問題。



Angered by this report, the Civilized Wonderlanders, an organization devoted to promoting civility, issued the following condemnation:

  1. 邱毅 should not call anyone 賊 unless he has evidence of thefts.
  2. 不要再藉由挑眉、轉動眼珠、故做優雅來逃避問題 ... OK. tell our citizens when they are allowed to move their eye balls and eyelids. Is it OK that their hearts beat 65 times? Please teach them how to be 優雅 naturally.
  3. 邱毅's existence proves the extreme sickness of our once beautiful land:
    • Expression like 賊公賊婆 is so uncivilized whose utterance should only be expected from the least educated. Yet, it came out of a 台大 Ph.D. and once a 台大 professor 邱毅.
    • 不簽授權書一定是做賊心虛 shows 邱毅 freely uses double standards. Why did he not likewise criticize 馬英九 and 李慶安 不簽授權書 for US citizenship investigation?
    • Instead of being shamed by 邱毅, news media treated him as if he is credible and respectable and uses him to poison our land.
    • Instead of being shocked by 邱毅, some Wonderlanders regard him as a hero, proving that ethics is now lost in many Wonderlanders.

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