Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taiwan, the Wonderland!

Taiwan is the ultimate wonderland! In this land,
  1. People elected a Hong-Kong born, US permanent resident as its president in 2008. Once elected, this foreigner president stopped recognizing Taiwan as a country.
  2. The judicial system is controlled by a party called KMT, which uses it to persecute KMT's enemies 24 hours a day (for example, 陳水扁) and protect its friends (for example, 馬英九, 李慶安). To understand what this means, imagine USA's Justice Department is owned by the Republican Party and all judges are Republicans.
  3. The media is free to report what it likes to report and suppress what it does not. It is allowed to fabricate news and opinion polls. It is a common practice to mix news with commentaries so news and comments are not easily distinguishable.
  4. There is a referendum law in place since 2003 that was designed to fail any initiatives. Five years after its inception, nothing is able to pass. The wonderland people are overjoyed with their referendum right. Here is a proof: 方齋夜話:入聯公投同意率達94.01% 鳥籠公投法卻讓它無法過關- 樂多日誌
Let this be a humble start of an epic. I do not come close to Lewis Carroll's literary prowess. But I suspect my wonderland is beyond his wildest dreams that perhaps gives me some advantage. You can help with a guest blog or comments.

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