Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wonderlanders defy logic and common sense

中國阻我參與UN 府:不能稱非善意. My first attempt at comprehending the incomprehensible 府:不能稱非善意 was to translate the whole thing into English: "China again blocked our attempt to get into UN; Our government stated that we should not regard China as being unkind." Damn right! This is much beyond being unkind! This is indescribable hostility. Hold it, what is so stunning is that the government spokesman 王郁琦 actually tried to say that China was OK! The government spokesman 王郁琦 was defending China. Is he a Chinese agent or worse, is our government a China proxy?

Another shocking news is 陸委會民調/53%民眾:北京對我不友善. Only 53% say China is unfriendly when China
  1. aims thousands of missiles at their friends and families. Do they care about their friends and families?
  2. claims that it owns their land
  3. openly hurt them in the SARS near-pandemic and openly prevented them from getting international assistance
  4. hurt them whenever it can. For example: because of China, Taiwan was rejected by WHO for the 11th times in 2008 after 11 attempts. China can't care less about Wonderlanders' health. Surpringly, neither do Wonderlanders themselves.
Do Wonderlanders consider China friendly to Tibetans? Will they consider genocide friendly or 'not really unkind' (不能稱非善意)?

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