Friday, December 5, 2008

Mickey Horse and his amazing gondola

Ma is very proud of his great achievement of building a 4.03公里 貓空纜車 during his eight year Taipei mayorship. He was very critical of the 345 公里 高鐵 built by the then president 陳水扁. He called 高鐵 廢鐵.

What has happened is that 345 km 高鐵 has become such life's necessity that even Ma loves to ride it. It brings Taiwanese to a new level of thinking about time and space. At the same time, The 4 km 貓空纜車 is incapacitated permanently. Let us entertain the thought that Ma had been given the task of building the 345 公里 高鐵. Let us go one step further: imagine what can happen if Ma is elected president!

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