Thursday, December 31, 2009

馬英九: 反對ECFA公投
吳敦義: ECFA公投沒必要
中國國民黨: 拿出勇氣在總統大選拒領公投票

Tim Maddog tweeted about Wu Den-yih (吳敦義)'s opposition to referendums:

: Wu Dumb-yih: "Referendums are not forbiddenBut we should avoid them unlessabsolutely necessary" (Q: Who decides?)

Is referendum really so uncommon and unnecessary as 中國國民黨 so successfully brainwashed Taiwanese to believe? I googled sample ballot pdf and got 130,000 hits. I include the first hit as a gif. It is page 1 of the 2004-11-02 ballot of the GENERAL ELECTION. FORSYTH COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. The last three paragraphs on the right most column are three referendums.
Referendum is as natural as breathing in America. How about in Taiwan?
As long as 中國國民黨 is in power, it will continue to strip away people's birthrights of referendum.
The upper left corner of my blog provides a summary of how 中國國民黨 has denied people's referendum rights ever since it started its existence 85 years ago.
KMT has not allowed people proper referendum rights since it began its existence on 1925-08-25.

蔡丁貴教授 等2008年10月25日立法院開始靜坐 to request a real referendum law., 距今 433 天 (as of 2009-12-31)

馬英九昨日接受自由時報專訪 馬:反對ECFA公投


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