Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taiwan President Ma says referendum impossible for humans

There is a person in Taiwan who appears to have basic intelligence, but consistently does the following:
  • In a crowded market, he points to a pig and declares that it is actually a horse. Many Taiwanese shriek with joy or applaud with admiration.
  • In a Taipei Times interview, he said
    What we have is a representative system. If you want to change it and decide everything via referendums, it will be very hard for the government to operate. I don’t think such a system exists in the world. So it needs to go through the legislature, which represents the people and is elected by the people. If you do not think the legislature can represent the people, how do you expect the system to work?
    Read my comment He disallows referendum Says no referendum system existsin the world.
  • He repeated this statement in the following video clip from 2009.05.30 《大話新聞》 悍拒公投:

Taiwanese should have sent this man to an asylum. They made him a King instead.

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