Saturday, January 24, 2009

Say no to KMT, brainwashing, and double standards

  1. I have written frequently to ask Taiwanese not to say unification (統一), but to say what it really is intended : cession (併吞). For example, Taiwanese should never say 統一 and 說併吞,不說統一. The latter is short so I reproduce it here:
    Taiwanese should stop using the term 統一; we should call it what it is intended to be: 併吞. When we start 說併吞,不說統一, we tell the world that there has never been any equitable, amiable talk of union with China. Instead we are fighting for our lives not to be conquered and destroyed like Tibet. Domestically, the term 統一 helps to brainwash our people, as if it were something to look forward to.
  2. Taiwanese must use the same standards to judge KMT and DPP
    • If you say you could not vote for DPP because DPP is corrupt, then how could you vote for KMT which is one of the worst in humanity when it comes to corruption? If you could not vote for a thief, how can you vote for Hitler?
    • If Chen Shui-Bian broke your heart and makes you unable to vote for DDP, then how come 馬英九, 郝龍斌, 李慶安, 邱毅, 王清峰, 宋楚瑜, 王建煊, and all other KMT people did not break your heart and make you unable to vote for KMT? [Incidentally, I raised this questions many times: Can anyone give me a list of just three KMT people who are ethical? I have yet to get a response.]
    • You have heard tons about the need for people to 切割 Chen Shui-Bian. Have you heard about people doing any 切割 with Ma Yean-Jeou? Chen Shui-Bian may be a thief, but he has never killed anyone and he had never tried to turn Taiwan into Tibet like Ma. Ask yourselves why Taiwanese have only applied 切割 to DPP and not KMT.
  3. Get rid of KMT unless you want Taiwan to turn into Tibet
    • Recall any and all KMT legislators
    • Recall Ma Yean-Jeou
    • Never vote KMT and actively urge your friends and family to never vote for KMT in any election.

  4. Stop lamenting. Start working on saving Taiwan! As an example, an article such as the following is not useful or even harmful, unless it makes you stronger.
    【觀察筆記】思 痛
    自由時報╱自由時報 2009-01-23 06:00













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  2. Stupid Taiwan native. You were using Chinese when you were saying you had no relationship with China. Taiwan will always be a part of China, no matter under CCP or KMT or someone else. Taiwan is not Tibet and won't be Tibet, so don't use Tibet as your example. We (Taiwan & Mainland) may not be unified in the future, but 切割 won't work either, because we are indeed Chinese.

  3. The anonymous IamFantasy is right: Taiwanese are stupid to the max. How else can one explain that, after going through 228, white terror, institutional violence such as using judicial system to persecute Taiwanese, vote-rigging, vote-buying, and countless other KMT crimes, Taiwanese still elected Ma president? Imagine a people who have been denied referenum rights by KMT, but still idiotically call their society democratic.

    What do you call yourself, Anonymous IamFantasy? A superior Chinese devoid of humand decency and any sense of fairness?

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