Wednesday, January 14, 2009

蔡丁貴教授靜坐90天 馬英九叛國案167 天

I chatted with a friend in Tainan just now over Skype. I quizzed him over how many days 蔡丁貴教授 had sat at LFY. The answer was this:
I don't know... 40 days, maybe? ... Sorry, who is 蔡丁貴? ...
I was going to quiz him about 馬英九叛國案, but I changed my mind.
My blogs display the following boxes as a public service. I believe the facts displayed are more important than the news about 消費券 and 陳水扁.

KMT has not allowed people proper referendum rights since it began its existence on 1925-08-25.

蔡丁貴教授 等 2008年10月25日立法院開始靜坐 to request a real referendum law., 距今

李慶安2008年3月12日遭踢爆雙重國籍, 距今

貓纜2008年10月1日Stonewall investigation , 距今

柯建銘2008年8月9日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

戴正德2008年8月25日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

陳水扁2008年8月25日控告馬英九叛國, 距今

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