Monday, April 13, 2009

Informing citizens of the Republic of Eat-Rice of imminent dangers

The citizens of the Republic of Eat-Rice have their minds set on eat-rice, and not much else. A tiny clique of KMT elites led by Ma conspires on turning the republic into a Tibet. Incomprehensibly, KMT minions come along, happily digging graves for themselves and their friends and families. That the citizens are indifferent to the impending danger defies logic. Any of the following threats is scary enough. What more does it take to frighten a Taiwanese?
2,000 missiles aim at their kids and parents

24,000,000 [more then the republic's population] unemployed Chinese migrant workers can invade and take away their jobs

32,000,000 men [1.5 the republic's population] can invade to compete with male citizens for a wife

0 elections in China

0 real newspapers and TV stations in China

0 ethics

0 sense of fairness

100% brainwashing tools pretended to be newspapers and TV channels

Tibetan genocide

Internet access tightly controlled in China; YouTube blocked.

Toxic products killing human and animals and hurting the whole world.

Seeking Justice can be fatal. See Jerome Keating's A Kafkaesque System of Justice: The Plight of the Poor in China
or New York Times: Seeking Justice, Chinese Land in Secret Jails
What more does it take to frighten a Taiwanese? Please leave your insight as comments.

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