Monday, January 11, 2010

From Taidung 台東: the state of the Taiwan nation

In my mind, Taiwanese need to try exceedingly hard to prevent Taiwan from being turned into Tibet.

The statistics of the 2009-01-09 election in Taidung 台東 is shocking.
  • 投票率 39.44%
This means more than 60% of the voters did not care enough to vote. If they feel they are in danger, will they vote? Of course they will. So, this low 39.44% turnout shows that the voters have no clue what kind of danger they and their offspring are in. This is frightening enough. Now, look at how they voted:
  • 投票數: DPP: 23,190
    KMT: 21,215

This means 20% of eligible voters came out to support Chinese KMT which is openly and actively turning Taiwan into Tibet. On top of that these voters voted a Chinese KMT candidate for Congress who is infamous as unethical and incompetent. Only about 20% of the voters cared enough to vote and voted against the Chinese KMT.

80% of Taiwanese in Taidung helped to make their offspring be ruled by CCP and lose all their freedom. Isn't that absurd and disgusting?

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