Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who is sicker? II

A reader commented on my last entry:

Who is sicker?
台灣前教育部長曾志朗 calls Taiwanese Chinese
His son thinks chicken has 6 legs

as follows:
I know there were some issues about 曾志朗. But for this particular "6 legs issue" I didn't see Tseng calling Taiwanese Chinese. It is the author of the Asia-Pacific News who used the term "Chinese student" in the report.

And, from the news report, Tseng's son (and his American classmates) thought chicken has 6 legs when he
was attending school in the USA. I am not sure it is necessary to relate this "6 legs issue" with "Chinese college kid".

雞有6條腿 宅男與真實脫節

更新日期:2009/11/08 04:09


生命教育 助年輕人重返世界



I am grateful for the comment. It is true that in this Liberty Times report 台灣前教育部長曾志朗 did not bemoan

the fact that many Chinese youths spend their days sealed off from the real world, interacting with the outside almost exclusively via computer.
(as in the Asia-Pacific News report), but neither can I draw any conclusion from the Liberty Times report that he did not say such outrageous things.

I find it objectionable that Asia-Pacific News report omitted many important details.

We should protest until 曾志朗 or Asia-Pacific News step forward to make corrections.

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